Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Look Back at 2009

As 2009 winds to a close we take a moment to look back in reflection on what this year has been. In his first year of existence Army the Armadillo traveled an estimated 27,653 miles that took him all over the United States, including Hawaii, Philadelphia, Arizona, San Francisco, a MoTab Choir Tour, a Pacific Cruise and so many more beautiful and serine locations. The Blog was pretty successful as well as it was visited nearly 700 times by friends wanting to read one of the 11 blogs posted throughout the year. The whole adventure has brought a new dynamic to vacationing at Missionary Medical and Army is excited for the upcoming year and the places it will take him.

To begin 2010 Army will be going international as he visits the Panama Canal with Jennifer. Army also has a trip planned back home to San Antonio, TX with Nicco in February. One thing that Army has asked for is the opportunity to meet some famous people in his travels. He is excited and looks forward to many Road Trips, Flights, and Cruises with the great people of Missionary Medical. Here is to 35,000 Miles in 2010.