Friday, November 5, 2010

Penn State Tour

Recently our very own Penn State Steph went back to Pennsylvania for Homecoming at her Alma Mater, Penn State. Army was privileged enough to get his picture taken with the Nittany Lion Mascot (who doesn't have a name), and attend Penn States homecoming in the biggest football stadium in the nation. Beaver Stadium, named after a former Pennsylvania Governor James A. Beaver, holds 107,282 and is Pennsylvania's third largest city, just beating out Allentown by 32 people. The largest crowd on hand at Beaver Stadium has been 110,753. That is larger than a capacity crowd at both BYU and Utah combined (109,062).

Prince Edward Island & Nova Scotia

Friday Oct 15 - We headed out from Salt Lake City and flew east over the USA and just happened to find ourselves over the town where Jennifer was born – Battle Creek, Michigan. Jennifer has not been there since she was a little girl so it was exciting to see. We arrived in Quebec, Canada and met up with the group. The Hills were on a different flight. A day of travel is very exhausting, anyone know why? I don’t but it is. We had dinner that evening at St Hubert BBQ – a flash from the past for Paul. They did give us eating utensils but back in his younger days you had to eat BBQ with your fingers if you ate at St Huberts.

Sat Oct 16 - I loved Quebec. We walked through the “Old City”. I found myself being a leaf peeper. Can you find me looking for you? I loved the architecture found in the old part of the city and the government buildings. Many of the

roofs are made of copper and so are green. I really liked the angel mime holding his globe.

Sun Oct 17 - We had a day at sea with a cruise through the Saguenay Fjord. This fjord is the only area you can see Beluga whales other than Antarctica. We didn’t see any.

Tues Oct 19 - Our first stop was at the SMALL sleepy fishing village of Sept-Ils (set eel) meaning seven islands. It is the largest town on the North shore of the St Lawrence River and founded in 1531. The main industry is fishing and lumberjacks. It was not a very interesting stop and was very cold and windy but I did have my picture taken with the group out in front of a “Dive” that sells crab cakes. I don”t think the big lobster pot we are standing in front of is really used to cook lobsters. I did try finding some new friends by looking in the lobster traps.

I am so excited about the day. We get to eat lobster for lunch and go the “Green Gables”. The ship docked in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Paul had a hard time letting me eat some of his lobster but I got a good close look. Green Gables was a place that felt like you just wanted to stroll down “lovers lane” or walk through the “haunted forest” of just sit and watch the people. We were told that Ann is very popular around the world, especially in Japan where her stories are required reading and many Japanese people come here to get married or vacation. It was just a pleasant, enjoyable place to be.

Wed Oct 20

Another day at sea

Thurs Oct 21

Our port today is Halifax, Nova Scotia. We took a very delightful tour to Luenberg on the south shore. This small fishing and boat building town was a must for Paul. Back in the 1930’s his father happened to be on the Blue Nose I during a race. He worked for the

CBC in Canada and they were testing to seeing how well they could broadcast out at sea for radio. The Blue Nose I was used for fishing and in off season was used for racing. It never lost a race and is so important to the Canadians it is on their dime. We hoped to see the Blue Nose II but it is not sea worthy and so they are in the process of building the Blue Nose III. We did enjoy the fall colors and the rugged coast line. We got some good pictures here. As the message on the back of the bus says, Yes, we are having a good time. Can you tell”

Fri Oct 22

Here we are in Portland, Maine. The best fall colors for the entire trip were found here. The ship docked right in town. Had a great bus tour and stopped at a light house. What fun. We were happy to have a couple hours in town

to shop, take pictures and just enjoy the place before having to be back on board and off to Boston and home.

We have no idea how many miles we traveled this trip.

Army & Jennifer