Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Happiest Place On Earth

Here i am with Stephanie, her little neighbor friend and Mr. Incredible himself.  Stephanie tried to get date with Mr. Incredible...but he is married.

Here we are on riverboat with the AD from Weber State and his 2 boys.  (Weber State, Weber State, Great-Great-Great...Go Wildcats!)
Stephanie tried really hard to find a famous person to get my picture taken with...this was the closest that we came (Since sister Amy would not let Stephanie bug Jon Stewart or Abraham Benrubi)
This hand is famous for something...I want to say lotion commericals or something like that.  At least that is what the lady told us.
Here we are with Snow White...what a lovely girl she is.

The Mad Hatter said this was the first time he had his picture taken with an armadillo.  That made me very happy and excited.  The Mad Hatter is funny!

We got to have dinner one at Goofy's Kitchen...wasn't that nice that he let us eat there!