Monday, January 26, 2009

Kauai, Hawaii

Army recently visited the island of Kauai, Hawaii with Kelly. Unfortunately he didn't get out much, though it wasn't such a bad thing. As relaxation was a bonus for our jet lagged armadillo. Army really enjoyed his time just sitting on the 3rd floor patio enjoying the view in the calm 76 degree weather.
Army's next scheduled trip will be with Jerrine, as she cruises the Pacific in February. If you would like to take Army on a trip, please come and check his calendar to see if he can go with you. Also to fill any of the down time between trips, we would like to get Army to pose with some local or national celebrities. If you know any, lets get something set up so that Army can have some fun.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Army Goes to Washington

Washington Monument – Among Army’s stops was a visit to the Washington Monument. This Monument was to commemorate the life of our first president George Washington. Construction on the monument started in 1848 and was completed in 1884. The Monument weighs in at 181,708,000 lbs. That is roughly 300 Million times heavier than the world’s most favorite armadillo.
Oval Office – Though you and I may never make it inside the Oval Office, Army has. He even sat at the Resolute Desk, which was gift given to President Hayes by Queen Victoria. The ceiling of the Oval Office is 18’6” high, and measures 29’ by 35’ 10”. President-Elect Obama could put an NBA 3 point line in the oval office, with a basketball hoop on one end and practice his 3-point shot during the down times.
Wax Museum – Army visited the Wax Museum, and stood with several famous Americans. Two of the following stories are false, but two may be true, and one is totally made up for increased readership purposes.
Franklin D Roosevelt – The 32nd President of the United States. He helped to rescue the nation from the first Great Depression, and created the Social Security program. This is a picture of him and my Great Great Grandillo, also named Armando, they were close friends and confidants.
J Edgar Hoover – The First Director of the FBI had a few questions for my Great Great Grandillo Armando, but he was found innocent. I think he just had something against the whole armadillo race.
Bill and Hillary Clinton – She's been criticized for baring a bit of cleavage and ridiculed for choosing safe, solid color pantsuits. However, Hillary thinks that everyone should carry an Armadillo purse. Which I believe is the best advice that she has ever given, and would you look how happy Bill is about it.
George W Bush – In a recent attempt to bail out his slumping “Approval Rating”, President George Bush started to take the best advice from a Democratic leader, and carried an Armadillo Purse to a recent Wax Museum function.
Whoopi Goldberg – I am sure that you have seen the movie Sister Act. How about Ghost? This is my friend Whoopi and I liked her best in the movie “The Little Rascals”. What you don’t know is that I am good friends with Whoopi, I help her to study her lines for upcoming auditions. Okay so it may be really easy to spot the total lie, I mean, how could I help her study her lines? I’m only an armadillo.

Upcoming Adventures
Keep an eye out. Kelly, one of the Missionary Medical Nurses, will be coming with me and her husband to Hawaii. There should be some beautiful pictures on this next trip.