Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fish Lake, Utah with Ragena

Hi, it is me, Army again, with my latest adventure. I just returned from a trip to Fish Lake, Utah over Memorial Day. I went for the fishing and the atmosphere. I wish I had a nice boat, but this is what I was stuck with. Oh well, I decided to try and make the best of it.

Look at this fish. Ragena’s husband caught it. It is a Lake Trout, 37 inches long and 21 pounds. ( For all you "Fact lovers" out there, you will be interested to know that 37 inches is just one inch smaller than the stack of papers on Phil's Desk, and 21 lbs is the exact amount of birthday cake served to the March birthdays).

The Fish is as big as the 3 year old holding me. But he wasn't the only one with success. Though it rained a lot while we were there (which is a little foreign to me as I am more used to the desert conditions where I was raised). We only had a few hours to get in some good fishing, but hey this is not too bad for a couple of hours of fishing. The kids caught these fish , one of them on his Tigger pole. They were so excited.

Leslee Bingham and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir are going to be departing tomorrow for the Tour of a lifetime. They will be visiting several major cities through the midwest. Go MO TAB!