Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seattle with Ragena!

Recently Army got to go PLAY with Ragena in beautiful Seattle. Ragena went up to Seattle to celebrate her sons 5 year wedding anniversary.

Ragena stayed at the Edgewater Hotel one night. Ragena's son works there and was able to get them a great rate at this 4-star Hotel. Many famous people have stayed at the Edgewater; everytime the Beatles came to Seattle they would stay here because it would help MAKE THEIR DAY. There was a little bear on the pillow of the bed, which Army became friends with. This was taken on the patio of Ragena's room, overlooking the Seattle Sound. If you look closely, you can see the gantry cranes in the background.

One appropriate stop in wonderful Seattle was at Pike Place Fish Market, the one in the FISH training video we have all seen a time or two. Here is Army with Ragena and two of the Pike Place Fishmongers, they were happy to BE THERE and pose for pictures. One of the fishmongers, upon Ragena's volunteering, even gave Army a little toss just like the fish that was "Goin' to Montana". Army didn't like the idea at first but he decided to CHOOSE HIS ATTITUDE and went for a little ride. So check out his flight by clicking on the box below.