Friday, February 20, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Hi everyone, it’s been a few weeks since you have seen or heard about some of my travels. My most recent trip was to Sin City with none other than Mother Teresa (Nola Baker) and her husband George. We went to attend a Psych Conference held at the South Point Hotel and Casino. It was a lot of fun running around the Vegas strip and enjoying the warm weather. I even got a little gambling in before Nola noticed that I was using her gambling money.

So it was rather unique being at a Psych Conference, every morning we would get up and go down to the lobby for a continental breakfast. As I sat there eating my food, I would hear two Behaviorist’s begin a conversation, one would say to the other “Good Morning, How am I feeling today?” They would talk for hours and hours, those two were nuts!

Later, I went down to the pool to go for a swim with some of my buddies. They had a really neat pool with beautiful trees and landscaping. The water was a bit too cool, but still refreshing and yeah I know, she is wearing a bikini, but it’s okay because she also had on a Freudian slip.

After I went swimming for awhile, I went back into the hotel and sat in a dark hotel room because the lightbulb had gone out. When the custodian came up he asked me “How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb?” I replied that I wasn’t sure. He said “Just one, but the light bulb has to WANT to change”. He began telling me of some of his problems. I guess this guy thinks that he is only visible to Armadillos. He told me of a problem that he had recently when going in for an appointment, he told the receptionist at the Psychologist office that he feared that he was invisible, and needed to talk with someone about it. The receptionist walked back and talked to the psychologist about it, and came back and said to the custodian, “I’m sorry but he can’t see you right now.”

Now I had learned a thing or two about psychology on this little trip, and decided to talk with him about some of his issues. We went all over the place, just talking about everything. Here is a picture of the two of us talking in the hall way of the hotel. Here is another picture of us standing on the hot sun. After some very thought provoking conversations, I felt like I should let him know that I appreciated our conversations. I also told him to always remember that he is unique, just like everyone else. I hope that he gets through this tough time.

My final stop was to visit a Centenarian. Not many people get to visit with a centenarian, but I got my picture with one. Her name is Della Baker, Nola’s mother-in-law. She is 100 years old. When I got up on her lap, the first thing that she did was pull open my zipper to see if there was any money inside for her. There wasn’t Nola spent it gambling in Vegas.

Here are a few more pictures that just didn't get into the story above.