Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Washington DC

I got to go to Washington DC with Stephanie and Amy Lincoln. It was short, but fun trip. We pack a lot of stuff into 2 1/2 days.

My new friend Aidan Larson.
Aidan is a cute little guy, who is a lot of fun to hang out with. Here we are waiting for our flight to take off.

Thursday after we got to DC - Amy and Stephanie took me on a twilight tour of the monuments. It was great. This is our tour guide Mel. He sure knew alot about Washington DC. His dad is even burried in Arlington National Cemetary.

This is Stephanie and I hanging out with FDR - he was the 32nd President of the US and in a wheelchair due to polio.

On Friday we went to the Washington DC temple. I stayed in the car while the girls went to a sealing for their cousin. Afterwards - we totally met the President and Sister Belliston from the Baltimore Maryland mission. They were so excited to meet people from Missionary Medical. Sister Belliston even apologized for calling so much. We assured her, it was not a problem. We are always happy to help!

There was also a group of elders from the Baltimore Maryland mission. See those big healthy smiles.

On Saturday we went to Mount Vernon. This is the plantation home where George and Martha Washington lived. In case you did not know - George Washington was the 1st president of the United States. When he lived at Mount Vernon, there where 8,000 acres. He gave most of it away in his will. The George Washington Ladies club has been able to purschase 500 acres back. It is still a working farm with orchards. If you can not tell from this picture - Stephanie does not like to smile for pictures....silly girl.

This is Stephanie and I with the Washington's. George and Martha and their grandchild Washy and Nelly. (Washy is a nick name)

On Sunday before we left to fly home, I got to with Stephanie to visit with a friend of hers frm her mission. This is Matt Anderson - he is lives in DC. He was not very excited about having his picture taken with me, but when Stephanie explained the importance of it - he humored her.

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