Wednesday, December 22, 2010

San Diego, California

Army recently visited San Diego with Dave and his little family. Their trip included Sea World, San Diego Zoo, The Mormon Battalion Museum, and a quick stop at the beach. Please enjoy the following fun facts about San Diego's main tourist attractions.

Mormon Battalion Museum: Their march of 2,000 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa to California is one of the longest military marches in history.Battalion members took cash in lieu of uniforms, using the money to support their families and their church during a very hard period.
Consequently, they did not wear uniforms. The uniform collection shown here is in a private collection. It shows
the uniforms that the battalion would have worn had they been issued.

Sea World: Opened in 1964 (thats older than everyone here).
The park occupies 189 Acres, which our little family walked every square inches of. The original investment on the property was $1.5 Million by a group of investors out of UCLA looking to open a Resturant with a small marine show. It now is the home to 5,700 fish from 434 species. One funny story was when I was taking the picture below with the seals, one of the Sea World employees came running up to me wondering why I was putting my animal so close to the exhibit. I assured her that the animal was not real by picking him up by the purse straps. She quickly apologized.

San Diego Zoo: The Zoo holds more than 4,000 animals from over 800 species, none of which were Armadillo. The Zoo got its start when animals were abandoned after the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, but didn't officially become a zoo until 1921. A few pictures of Army were taken in the Zoo, but they didn't turn out very good. Sorry, we can just pretend that the picture to the left was taken at the Zoo.

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