Thursday, September 8, 2011


w/ CJ in May 2011

Venice, Italy - Recently Army traveled to Italy & Greece with the President & CEO of Morris Murdock, Brian Hollien, and his lovely wife Jerrine. This was a very ritzy cruise, and only the Who's Who of Worldwide Travel were invited. We got to go, because I am the worlds most well-traveled Armadillo, or course. Here I am with Brian taking a boat ride in Venice, Italy on the Grand Canal, and let me tell you something - it really is Grand!

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Here I am getting a few directions from some birds in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik is one of the few cities to rival Venice during the Middle Ages, and has been nicknamed "Pearl of the Adriatic".

Greece - In the original Olympic Games, athletes used to their "Birthday Suits". This is where the athletes would warm up, the pillars were placed to give them some privacy. Every Olympic Games begins here, with a lighting ceremony, and when I say here, I really mean in this little stone rectangle that is roped off. An interesting fact is that the Olympic flame DOES get extinguished, and then restarted again before every Olympics. Here is the first Olympic Oval. Women were not allowed, and the competition wasn't necessarily who was fastest, but who looked the best while doing it. Remember every participants outfit was the same...not a pretty picture.

Venice, Italy - Back on the Grand Canal, this picture really does not do any justice to the picturesque scenary. Everything was beautifully breath taking. The other picture is of The Doge' Palace. This palace/prison is located against the Venetian Lagoon, and Pizzaetta, and is the birthplace of the food we call PIZZA. People would flood St. Marks Square to shop and dine, and the pizza that went uneaten was given to the prisoners of Doge's Palace. Okay the whole Pizza bit is actually fiction. I just made it up, sorry for the brief moment of deception. I appologize.

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