Thursday, June 17, 2010

Army's Recent 'dillonapping

On the Morning of June 16th, 2010 it was discovered that our Army had been taken away from his friends of Missionary Medical. He had been taken, and a ransom note had been delivered while the rest of us were in Division Meeting.

Our first instinct was to search for the 'dillonappers.
Many people immediately suspected that this was the doing of DMBA's Membership team, but we had no proof other
than suspicion, nevertheless they become Suspect #1.

We contacted Boyd, DMBA's security officer. Boyd gave us information about who had swiped their badge and entered
Missionary Medical during the 8-9 o'clock hour. The only non-Missionary Medical employee to enter was Chante Fielden, possibly acting on behalf of the Accounting Department, who had previously expressed interest in taking him for an outing of their own. The Accounting Department and Chante Fielden was Suspect #2.

Speculation arose as to why we were asked to deliver treats to our own division, could this have been an inside job? Someone who walks amongst us has just become Suspect #3.

Throughout the day pictures were delivered via email showing Army, obviously in a state of humiliation and being treated in a manner that is very crude and hard to look at. As a word of
caution, if there are kids present you may want to ask them to leave the room.

The first picture was taken in what appears to be a 6th floor bathroom, and shows Army bound and tied. It is assumed
that this could have been taken right after abduction.

Army then went on what appears to be some sort of "Humiliation Parade" where the captures were trying to break him emotionally. Army, being the warrior that he is held strong and seemed to be bigger than the situation.

As the day progressed the captures tried to thicken the
humiliation in an effort to try and break his spirits. Yet Army continued to hold strong, as you can
tell by his face in the picture with two Sister Missionaries he is frightened, but is calm and waiting for the right time to make his move.

A second ransom note was slid under the door half way
through the day. When inspecting the hallways directly
thereafter there was no sign of any Non-Missionary Medical associates in the hallways. We did find Stephanie Lincoln coming back from lunch (further strengthening her status as a more specified Suspect #3).

When the work day was over many of us went outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of the 'dillonappers going home in a car, or waiting for a bus, but nothing was reported.

The next day many of us brought the ransom as requested. Heck what do we care, either way we still get treats, and Army comes back. After all the goods were laid out on the Treat counter, an email was sent asking for them to return Army.

As promised Army was returned between 8:30 - 9:00 am. The captures in another cruel evil act placed him in the fridge which not only is cold but there was little room to move around, and at one point Army stepped in something very gooey and sticky.

We asked Boyd to search the videos and see who entered Missionary Medical during that time frame, and there were only Missionary Medical employees that entered. Therefore we know that if this is an outside job, they also have an insider. Thus strengthening Associates of Missionary Medical with strong ties to those outside of Missionary Medical.

The Mystery has yet to be solved, and we are looking hard to find the perpetrator. If anyone has information regard the abduction, we would be very interested in hearing it.

We are happy to have Army back in Missionary Medical!


  1. It seems to me that Army wasn't under too much duress during his abduction. Maybe at first when he was blind folded and tied up...but I think that was just for effect. Actually, it seems to me he had quite an adventure rather than sitting up in his little basket being ignored!! Just my opinion of course, but if Army could tell the real story he would say he liked his abduction adventure!!

  2. This experience was very frightening. I had a horrible time, and feared for my stuffed animal life. I hope that "Anonymous" sees Toy Story 3, and understands that by treating your toys/mascots in the manner I was treated was very cruel and I will get my revenge upon you.